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Post Harvest Management Directorate, under the Department of Agriculture is the sole government organization responsible for post harvest technology generation, verification, improvements, dissemination and adoption.

History Government of Nepal (then His majesty’s government of Nepal) , in coordination with Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, launched Rural Save Grain Program (RSGP) in 1984. It was renamed as Post Harvest Loss Reduction Division (PHLRD) under Plant Protection Division in 1992 to give continuation to post harvest activities of the project. PHLRD initiated to work on handling and storage of perishable and storage of perishable commodities like fresh fruits and vegetables as these were in increasing trend in production and commercialization. PHLRD was felt to be strengthen and upgraded to be an independent Directorate under department of agriculture (DOA) to technically cope up with the growing post harvest needs of commercialized high value crops and food security of the people. While restructuring DOA in 2003, Post Harvest Management Directorate (PHMD) was established as one of the twelve Directorates under DOA.

Vision To have quality product for national and international standards/market’ needs by proper post harvest management system, and reducing the prevailing loss of about 15-20% in durables and 20-30% in perishables.

Mission To develop and disseminate technically feasible, economically viable and environment-friendly post harvest technologies; in order to minimize post harvest handling and storage and add value of the produce in the context of competitive national and international market.

Supporting units within the Directorate Horticulture Crop Science Plant Protection Planning and Monitoring Administration and Account Major Activities Post harvest handling studies and/or verification for technology development in durables and perishables. Extension and Dissemination of post harvest management technologies.

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